Why is the mountain environment better for me?

If you've ever taken a vacation in a catered chalet, you probably returned with improved physical and emotional wellbeing. There are numerous reasons for this, such as the fresh air and regular exercise. People who suffer from allergies or asthma might breathe easier in the mountain air since it is devoid of pollutants and tiny particles. It has even been observed that the aroma of lavender or pine that grows at the foot of mountains can soothe individuals to sleep and lessen stress.

The Views

Living in the mountains means constantly being in awe of the breathtaking scenery. The views are breathtaking, whether you're staring at the snow-capped pinnacle of a mountain or out over a deep blue lake. They can assist you in letting go of your concerns and appreciating the small pleasures in life, such as the sound of water trickling over rocks or the wind rustling through the trees. Taking a trip to the mountains with loved ones is a fantastic way to make enduring memories. Engaging in outdoor activities, exercising, and enduring cold weather all foster robust interpersonal bonds and boost self-assurance. In addition, hiking in the mountains promotes the release of feel-good hormones like cortisol, which is a great method to reduce stress and improve mood. A mountain summer is a great opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and re-establish a connection with the natural world. It's also a fantastic chance to engage in athletic or artistic endeavors, which promote mental health and let you let go of stored energy.

The Air

Compared to lower altitudes, the air feels purer and cleaner in the mountains. The pristine air in the mountain communities is a delight for the lungs, and there aren't many cars or other causes of pollution there. Because of the pure, thin air in the Highlands, people who have allergies and asthma seem to experience fewer symptoms. Altitude sickness is a real ailment that affects people with preexisting conditions like depression or anxiety, in addition to those who are not accustomed to higher elevations. The air's low oxygen content has the potential to exacerbate these illnesses. A medication known as acetazolamide (discount brand name Diamox) can help if you suffer from altitude sickness. The quickest method to feel better is to descend to a lower altitude, and most patients report gradually improving symptoms as they do so. Less severe symptoms usually go away in a day or two as the body gets used to the higher altitude.

The Exercise

Not only are the mountains breathtaking, but they also offer a ton of beneficial exercise. Your legs, back, and core muscles will naturally get stronger if you go on walks, hikes, or climb in the mountains. Furthermore, the absence of industrial regions and traffic will prevent harmful gases from entering the air, leaving your lungs feeling clean and fresh. It is well known that residents at high altitudes enjoy better hearts and lungs. Higher altitudes' thin air causes your body to expand its blood vessels and breathe more quickly, a process known as erythropoesis, which increases oxygen absorption. This helps ward against the negative consequences of altitude sickness, which is brought on by low blood oxygen levels and manifests as lethargy, headaches, sleeplessness, malaise, and digestive issues. However, if you do encounter these symptoms, a quick fix is to drink some pure mountain spring water to get back to your regular breathing rhythm! You'll feel renewed and in good health as the minerals and ions in mountain water remove any pollutants from your system.

The Community

The majority of individuals report feeling mentally renewed and inspired after spending time in the mountains, regardless of whether they are spending a week-long ski vacation in Winter Park or are only coming for the day. And the benefits extend far beyond daily exercise, a catered cabin, and the clean mountain air! The mental tranquility and serenity of the mountains aid in lowering stress levels. The rustle of trees and the sound of songbirds can help calm the body and divert thoughts. Being in the mountains can also help you practice mindfulness or meditation, which can improve your mental health by focusing on the here and now and your surroundings. Consult your doctor before making travel arrangements to the mountains if you have respiratory issues, such as asthma or excessive smoking. To help you enjoy your time in the mountains and prevent altitude sickness, they could advise you to take acetazolamide, often known as Diamox.

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